SHOT VIEW: ENI, a good investment opportunity

October 12, 2020

BUY opportunity on Eni?

As previously stated, we believe that today the European market is the one that presents the best future opportunities thanks to a general underperformance compared to other markets. At a sectoral level, from a medium-term perspective, we prefer sectors that in our opinion have excellent potential not yet expressed in their prices. The Oil & Gas sector is one of them. Despite the downward pressures in recent months, we believe it is an attractive sector.

More specifically, we believe Eni represents one of the most interesting stocks.

  • We live in a world that has and will continue to need energy. Renewable sources will need time to replace oil and gas, which will remain the primary energy source for years.
  • Europe will invest many funds, aimed at developing energy from alternative sources. This will happen through companies that already hold a role in the energy sector.
  • The company has a solid and relatively stable balance sheet overtime, proving to be able to adapt to market changes. In view of an in-depth financial statement analysis and our future price projections, we believe that Eni is currently recording a low market price.

For these reasons, Eni represents a BUY for us.